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Celebrating our 30th Anniversary

On April 4, 1984, our father Antoni Amat, with a solid background in the world of metal stamping, founded Estamp.

Looking back in history, we value today the effort and courage that brought us where we are.

In 1992 the Terrassa plant was established, with successive enlargements until 2002. The facilities house today the Corporate Headquarters.

At the same time, our organization was rapidly progressing, thanks to an outstanding teamwork and a remarkable partnership with a number of excellent clients and suppliers.

During that time our team entered a process of intense personal and professional development, with a clear customer orientation and an international approach.

The opening of the plant in Slovakia in 2007, the acquisition of Tier 1 level in 2008, the opening of the plant in China in 2011 and its next production expansion to North America, have marked the maturity of Estamp in the automotive sector.

Our recognition goes today to all team members. They can take pride for Estamp’s achievements to date, renewing again their commitment to achieve leadership as stated in our Vision.

Let us also recall those who retired or followed other paths, as they contributed also to define our unique character.

Since 2011 we are undertaking significant organizational changes at all levels, preparing the team for the incredible challenges we face.

Step by step, we have become a strong international company with a prestigious name in our field.

The values ​​and entrepreneurship of Antoni Amat have guided us in this exciting journey and today permeate the company.

Beyond this important milestone, we are confident that a bright future awaits us if we continue to embrace these common values.

Pere & Ignasi Amat