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The fast evolution of Estamp into new areas of international corporate management is a symptom of success but also a daily challenge that requires maximum attention.

A key issue and growing concern has been legal compliance, a cornerstone of Estamp’s policy.

After managerial training it was clear that the absence of a legal department constituted a deficit that could be mitigated through professional sourcing. A long term consultancy agreement was signed with a reputed legal firm for the implementation of a compliance assurance system (or crime prevention system).

Initial risk assessment highlighted anti-corruption and competition as priority areas of prevention. As a starting point, both policies were defined.

After several years of hard work, the system is now in place and under constant updating. Annual reviews and ongoing risk assessments provide improved policies and procedures. The challenge today is to make the system effective in a homogeneous way to all the subsidiaries of the group, whatever the cultural and business environment is.

We are of course committed to achieve further excellence in compliance, empowering our team and encouraging it to keep working relentlessly in this direction.